Romans 10:1
“Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they may be saved.”


At the beginning of Romans 10, we get a close look at Paul’s character. Though he had been persecuted mercilessly at the hands of the jews, he did not rejoice in their rejection of Christ. Instead, it hurt his heart to see his fellow brothers and sisters of God stumble at that stumbling block. Paul’s heart did not desire what many of us do today. In our present time, our desires tend to be materialistically driven. We pray for a new car, a raise, a promotion, a new house, a new rifle, etc. God loves to bless His creation with all that we need, but our mindset is wrong. As the arms, legs, and hands of the body of Christ, why are we not doing more to reach the lost? People all around us at our jobs, in our schools, and in our communities are spiritually dying and on their way to Hell. For genuine, God-fearing Christians, this destroys our hearts. We cannot allow the devil to continue his warpath of stealing the joy, killing the relationships, and destroying the lives of the families around us. We must take action. Paul’s desire translated into him praying earnestly for Israel to be saved. I am yearning to witness this generation being saved, healed, and set free. We are running out of time on this earth, so choose today to be the one who will intercede for America. Be the one who will pray without ceasing. Be the one who will go out and tell the world that Jesus died for their sins, rose from the grave, is alive today and is coming back sooner than ever.